Cooperation Fund Foundation begins its involvement in activities related to the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This topic is important for us not only because of the fact that entering into the second quarter of a century of our activity, we try to increasingly implement and adhere to the principles of sustainable development within our internal policies.

We would also like to share the experience of the Foundation in promoting social responsibility and commitment with the business world, especially in those areas that are close to us and well- recognized in the implementation of many projects concerning i.e. Local communities, disadvantaged people, education and social entrepreneurship.

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), specifies the manner of company management that takes into account the company's full responsibility for its impact on the whole environment, taking into account social, ethical and environmental issues.  So CSR is not only philanthropic, or one-time additional terms of business, but it is overall development strategy, which implies profits for both parties, that is, both for the entrepreneur and for his environment (i.e. social, environmental). In doing so, companies can not only soften the effects of negative social trends but also create social innovation - to undertake experimental activities that can radically improve the quality of life of people or community.

Why do we engage in the CSR?
  • First of all the above ideas combined with our mission and objectives - supporting innovative activities and ideas that contribute to the economic development of the country and the cause that we draw near to the level of economic activity they represent the most developed countries.
  • CSR ideas are consistent with our internal organizational culture: we are trying to operate in a sustainable and responsible to their employees, stakeholders and the environment.

  • We have the experience and knowledge of the issues from different areas related to social needs acquired during many years of project activities ranges i.e.: assistance for people at risk of social exclusion, including the unemployed and the disabled, local community development, education and science, to promote the development of entrepreneurship among people 50+ establishment of dialogue with stakeholders including local government units, the development of social economy, the establishment and support of social cooperatives. These experiences can easily be transferred to areas of activity that could be used and implemented within the framework of corporate social responsibility.
  • Studies indicate that commercial companies are seeking to cooperate with NGOs, which are managed efficiently and transparently. FFW is a professional organization with stable financial position and developed labor standards at the highest level. This ensures principals, partners and beneficiaries with effective and rapid implementation goals, as well as the desired results. It is the capital that we want to use for effective cooperation with business.

People within this area

Jacek Ostrowski

Member of the Board
Director of the Bureau

Dorota Nowicka

Dział Innowacji Społecznych
Pełnomocnik Zarządu ds. rozwoju CSR

Anna Jezierska

Dział Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej

Marcel Samecki

Główny specjalista ds. komunikacji

Paula Koziak

Biuro Zarządzania Projektami