Partnership Funds

With the start-up of the Cooperation Fund Foundation the SIP/ SME programme was established, which main goal was to provide support to small and medium-sized enterprises.

In parallel the „Program Importowa Linia Kredytowa” (Import Credit Line Programme) also has been established for the Agricultural Sector. Its task was to provide the financial support for the development of rural areas and providing technical assistance for the cooperative banking sector.
By the decision of the Council of Ministers in November 1990, the Cooperation Fund Foundation became the Managing Institution of the Counterpart Funds (CPF). These are non-refundable foreign aid funds, derived from the resale of material aid to for Poland.

People within this area

Tadeusz Kozek

Chairman of the Board
Director of the Bureau

Marzena Lisiecka - Pożoga

Dział Projektów Rozwojowych

Monika Laskowska

Dział Programów Pomocowych CPF