Civil Society

Support of the development of civil society by engaging government, local authorities and citizens in the processes of decision-making process and implementation of projects mobilizing local communities.

Development of Civil Society very important area of the Foundation Cooperation Fund’ activities.  It consists of projects aimed at activating and encouraging people on many levels.


Since the very beginning the Foundation implemented a range of programs to support initiatives that cooperation on the public administration - representatives of business - NGOs - local governments was possible. 

Local Initiatives Program, financed by PHARE, allowed for the creation and implementation of numerous local development strategies that stimulated the economy and resulted in an increase in employment.

Social Dialogue Programme supports the development of non-governmental organizations, and civil society. With the implementation of, among others, these programs, FFW has a well-established experience and facilities in the form of co-workers and experts with extensive knowledge and experience in creating and implementing local policies in the areas of employment, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

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Jacek Ostrowski

Member of the Board
Director of the Bureau

Daniel Prędkopowicz

Biuro Zarządzania Projektami

Paula Koziak

Biuro Zarządzania Projektami

Edyta Jaczewska

Dział Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego

Marcel Samecki

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