Lifelong Learning

The development of the Educational System in Poland, vocational training and professional activation of persons aged 45+ is very important field for the Cooperation Fund Foundation since the very beginning.

This is an area in which the institution has the most experience, thanks to the completion of many projects and participation in international programmes. 

In 1996-2004, resulting in the Foundation Office for the Coordination of Personnel Training was a member of the National Observatory of Education and Training, uniting countries preparing for accession to the EU.

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The activities focused on monitoring and initiation of changes in the system of vocational education and training, among others, through the preparation of periodic reports and publications. Participation in the network ReferNet became a natural continuation of these activities.

An experienced team of people who took part in the coordination in Poland EQUAL and implement complementary project "Dissemination of results EQUAL to support lifelong learning" has allowed the Foundation in a natural way to exploit their potential for implementation of the“Inkubator Dojrzałej Przedsiębiorczości”(Incubator for the Mature Entrepreneurship), and then the project „Stołeczne Centrum Kariery” (Capital City Career Center).

Cooperation Fund Foundation has a long tradition of involvement in such projects, both bilateral and multilateral, requiring cooperation with foreign partners, dating back to the early 90s. The subject of accessibility and disability issues for many years appears in the mainstream interests of the Foundation, which naturally resulted in the Foundation's involvement in the project TEAD.

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Izabela Kowalska

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Dział Projektów Edukacyjnych

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Dział Projektów Edukacyjnych

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