Capital for vocational education


In 2019, we have completed project "Capital for vocational education".

The main objective of the "Capital for vocational education" project was to develop and test the new social bonds model, that would allow better adjustment of vocational education graduates professional competences to the actual needs of the labor market. The model predicted the involvement of investor capital to finance activities, that would quickly and flexibly adapt new personnel competences requirements to the industry. After market analysis and stakeholder mapping, the model was addressed to Special Economic Zones, companies located in their area, graduates of vocational education and other people ready to develop their competences in a given profession.

The model developed by FFW assumed that the tasks related to improving competences and adapting them to the needs of employers would be financed with funds from Special Economic Zones (acting as investors). The costs would be reimbursed when the results agreed with the employer looking for new employees were achieved – a company from the Special Economic Zones.

By the decision of the Ministry of Economic Development, the project was closed before the pilot phase. For more information about the developed model of social bonds and cooperation, please contact the project coordinator – Dorota Nowicka,


Additional information

The project was implemented by Cooperation Fund Foundation in cooperation with Black Pearls VC S.A.

Project initiation: 01.07.2017
Budget: over 4 mln PLN
Founding: Program Operacyjny Wiedza Edukacja Rozwój


People within this project

Dorota Nowicka

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Kamila Łozińska

Projekty: CWD 2023, CWD Plus, Social Impact Vouchers, CERUSI, Dobry Rynek, Premia Społeczna