Social Impact Vouchers (SIV)


In March 2019, Cooperation Fund Foundation launched another project under the Interreg Central Europe – Social Impact Vouchers.

The project includes 11 organizations from 8 CE countries – Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia.

Social Entreprise Stuttgart is the Lead Partner.

The main task of the Social Impact Vouchers (SIV) project is to pilot innovative tools on the labor markets in 8 partner countries.

For this purpose, social impact funds will be established to support the return of unemployed people back to the labour market through the collection of private and/or public funds.

In Poland, we have launched the work.Her program, which supports unemployed women in returning to the labor market by offering training in digital competences and coaching. At the same time, we are searching for employers who want to become our partners and bring real social impact.


In the first phase of the project, unemployment data for each partner country will be analysed. Then, based on the results of the analyses, partners will design support models for  inactive people or those at risk of exclusion. This phase will mainly concern data analysis to best match the activities to the market needs.

On a national level,  Cooperation Fund Foundation, together with Rzeszow Regional Development Centre (RARR), will develop a model of supporting inactive women in their return to the labor market with new digital competences. To get to know the preferences of the market and potential employers in detail, a series of meetings with potential stakeholders will be organized. RARR will carry out consultations with institutions dealing with unemployment in Poland to verify the  key assumptions of the project.

Establishment of the Social Impact Fund

The next phase of the project will concern the creation of social impact funds in each of the partner countries. For this purpose, strategies and business models will be developed, as well as the necessary formal procedures for their creation will be defined. The next step will be to establish structures and provide ongoing support for activities including development of the marketing strategy.

Social Impact Voucher – pilot

The main objective of the social impact vouchers system is to help people from disadvantaged groups return to the labor market, and thus to improve their quality of life. As part of the project activities, a voucher strategy plan will be developed, specifying possible scenarios for its implementation in every partner country.

During the pilot,  a specific tool which easily connects the needs of employers with the competences of employees (match making algorithm) will be created.


The evaluation method, the scaling concepts and the key success drivers (e.g. investor communication activities, match making mechanism) will be available as open tools for different stakeholders, e.g. social service providers, public authorities.

Additional information

Project partners:


Project implementation period: 01.03.2019 – 28.02.2022 r.

Budget: over 2 700 000 EUR



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