Social(i) Makers


With July 2020 coming to an end, we have completed our first Interreg Central Europe project - "Social(i)Makers".

The main objective of the "Social(i)Makers" project was to build an environment conducive to the development and dissemination of knowledge and tools for implementing social innovations corresponding to current social and environmental problems, requiring a new, unconventional approach. For this purpose, extensive educational and communication activities were implemented aimed at potential stakeholders of social innovation, e.g. financial institutions, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and citizens.

Project activities were targeting the creators of social innovations, commercial entities interested in incorporating social innovations into business processes and public institutions looking for non-standard solutions increasing the quality of services offered to citizens.

The project was implemented in two phases.

First phase

Social Innovation Academy (implemented in 2017-2019)


Second phase

Social Innovation Skyrocket Lab (implemented in 2019-2020)


  • World café workshops organized in 7 partner countries.
  • 7 hackathons organized in each partner country. The Polish edition of the hackathon – "Ethical Fashion Hackathon" was dedicated to developing social innovations responding to the challenges of the fashion industry.
  • Conference "Do Business, Make Impact" addressed to startups, social innovators and representatives of socially responsible companies, which is part of a series of conferences organized by partner organizations.
  • Local pilot initiatives:
  • Announcement of the “Be Social, Be Maker” Transnational Competition.
  • Launch of the Skyrocket Platform – a space created for social innovators and a wide group of recipients of their ideas. It is a place that allows you to publish innovative ideas, look for solutions to social challenges faced by various organizations and establish cooperation.
  • Workshop "We design the future, or how to ensure the development of social innovations in Poland", which was part of a series of Local Policy Focus Group workshops organized by partner organizations. Conclusions from the discussion were used to create a Local Action Plan – a document synthetically referring to the possibilities of developing social innovation in Poland.
  • 3 transnational workshops organized as part of the Social (i) Makers project – "The importance of impact management", "Transnational collaboration among social entrepreneurs" and "Education for social innovation". The conclusions gathered during the events served to define a transnational strategy to support social innovation in Central Europe.
Additional information

The project was implemented in consortium of organizations from 7 Central European countries - Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. Project partners:

  1. Democenter-Sipe Foundation (project leader)
  2. Union of Municipalities of the Ceramic District
  3. Roots of Impact GmbH
  4. Social Impact GmbH
  5. ZSI GmbH – Centre for Social Innovation
  6. Pontis Foundation
  7. Fundacja Fundusz Współpracy
  8. Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznan
  9. IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. For the Development of the Industry
  10. Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  11. Economic Institute Maribor, Economic Research and Entrepreneurship Ltd.
  12. Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia
  13. arbeit plus – Social Integration Enterprises Austria


Project implementation period: 01.08.2017 – 31.07.2020

Budget: over 3 600 000 EUR



People within this project

Dorota Nowicka

Kierowniczka projektów 
CWD 2023, CWD Plus, Social Impact Vouchers, CERUSI, Dobry Rynek, Premia Społeczna



Kamila Łozińska

Projekty: CWD 2023, CWD Plus, Social Impact Vouchers, CERUSI, Dobry Rynek, Premia Społeczna