The Cooperation Fund Foundation, since it’s the very beginning has supported entrepreneurship by funding both business institutions and the companies themselves. In recent years, the Foundation's efforts are primarily focused on strengthening entrepreneurial attitudes, as well as the creation of new companies through advisory and subsidy programmes.

Main Objectives

The objectives of the Foundation are realized through measures to stimulate job creation - companies both in the social economy (eg . Social cooperatives) as well as sole proprietorships, especially in narrow specialties audience – i.e. 50+.  The Foundation for 25 years of operation gathered vast experience in working with companies offering outplacement programmes, including the possibility of setting up enterprises subsidized by workers made redundant or threatened with redundancy.

Projects within this area

People within this area

Jacek Ostrowski

Member of the Board
Director of the Bureau

Krzysztof Grochowski

Biuro Wsparcia Sektora Publicznego

Daniel Prędkopowicz

Biuro Zarządzania Projektami

Dorota Nowicka

Pełnomocnik Zarządu ds. rozwoju CSR


Projekty: Social Impact Vouchers, CERUSI, Dobry Rynek



Agnieszka Luck

Head of Department
Department of Educational Projects

Izabela Kowalska

Główna specjalistka

Projekt Dostępna szkoła